help Please find in the below section some basic information on how to use this site. In a lot of areas we are still in the development, so features may move a little (hopefully in the right direction).

How does he know where I am ?
There are different ways a system can recognize your location. If you are on a mobile device with GPS and allow the sharing of data, it provides one of the best approximation. Alternatively it uses information from your statis or mobile Internet connection.

Do you share any of the data where I am ?
No. We dont save it, we dont share it. Nothing.

Does it work without me sharing the location ?
Yes. You can still order the information by overall rating or friends recommendation.

add How do I add an entry ?
Top Right. Click on Add. You have to authenticate to facebook though. We wont illustrate that you posted it, but a little quality assurance has to be. If you woulndt be willing to have posted it, it probably does not deserve to be posted.

Can I post anything ?
In general yes, but if others mark it as Spam or Expired it will probably dissappear rather quickly.

I am a company and would like to update the information ?
Register an account and contact us. We will connect you to the spot and you can edit all information.

Why facebook as login model ?
You're probably not from Singapore...

Will any information flow back to facebook ?
No. Unless you click on share and post it in facebook.

When will my picture / data be used.
We save your thumbs up / down and comments vs your account. You friends (just your friends) will see if you thumbed a place up.

I want to use google+ to login
Develop the script for us and we can talk :)

enigma sorry, we cant provide public information on this
Can I edit a spot ?
Right now just registerd users can edit spots.

Can I un-like or un-dislike something ?
Not yet, but we are working on this.

Can I delete a comment ?
Right now not. We are not sure if we should allow it

slow Site is slow when I drive / am in taxi.
Larger changes of location can confuse the system. It works, but will be sometimes slow.

Site is slow when I use the friends filter
Right now the performance of the facebook validations are the biggest bottleneck. We also hope to become a bottleneck soon, but right now we have to get your information first (load the page), than give it to facebook for getting data back and than reload the data on our page. That back and forth takes a while.

I can help to make it faster.
Great. Contact us.

What are the colors for the categories ?
Blue is cold, yellow is warming up, orange is warm, red is hot. The color depends on the thumbs up. The number of thumbs up to turn something hot depends on the overall average of ratings.

Can I promote a listing to make it come up first.
No. Unless you have many people liking it publicly.

more I have more questions.
Please contact us :)